Last Edited: April 16th, 2012

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One of the antidepressants which has an effect on unbalanced brain chemicals which causes anxiety and depression is known as Lexapro. This is a medication used in such psychological disorders suffered by adults. Some children over 12 years may also be prescribed this medication. Lexapro is known to take a few weeks before full benefits are obtained by the drug. Having awareness to this time frame, one can be assured that results of better mood and less anxiety are forthcoming. There are common symptoms of depression, most of which are obvious of a change in well being. These are a few of depression symptoms which require further attention by way of medication.

  • Sleep patterns are changing. This could mean the need to sleep more, or having trouble falling or staying asleep.
  • Gaining or losing weight because of a change in dietary methods.
  • What one once enjoyed may suddenly become insignificant.
  • Aches and pains flare for what seems to be no reason at all.
  • Feelings of unworthiness to others.
  • Situations are always hopeless. Positive thoughts are difficult to find.
  • Thoughts of self destruction, suicide.

Lexapro has been proven to be beneficial for those suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorders as well as depression. When an individual finds that tension and constant worry of average daily issues is never avoidable, that concerns about finance, health status, children, spouse, or job provoke and enormous amount of apprehension and uneasiness, Lexapro will provide a level of calmness, making all the stress and tension more tolerable.

What makes Lexapro beneficial for anxiety and depression? Lexapro is in a drug class known as SSRI, or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. Serotonin, a chemical in the brain known as delivering messages to nerve cells, is stimulated by taking Lexapro. This happens as messages to nerve cells release serotonin during the release and reuptake of the chemical. Lexapro will obstruct the serotonin reuptake. As a result, more of the necessary chemical stays between the nerve cells.

Children under 12 years of age should not use Lexapro. Research has shown that this drug does not have an effect on children under this age. However, this drug is often used for adolescents diagnosed with depression. The physician would know about the advantages and dangers of Lexapro.

We know that Lexapro is beneficial in treating anxiety and depression in those over 12 years of age. There are other symptoms for which a physician will sometimes prescribe this medication. These include Fibromyalgia, alcoholism, autism, eating disorders, hot flashes, diabetic neuropathy, dementia, panic disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, or OCD, post traumatic stress disorder, Tourette syndrome, personality disorders, and premenstrual dysphoric disorder.

When taking Lexapro, be aware if taking other medications for fever, pain, or arthritis as bruising may possibly occur. Consult the physician for this matter, or if sleep medications are being taken. Less serious side effects which are possible with Lexapro is upset stomach, lower sex drive, dry mouth, constipation, or impotence. Less common, but more serious possible side effects include rash or hives, breathing difficulties, tongue swelling, diarrhea, erratic heartbeat, seizures, or fainting spells.