Last Edited: April 17th, 2012

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High cholesterol and high triglycerides is a condition which can lead to many other life threatening diseases including heart disease, heart attacks, stroke, chest pain, and more. The fatty accumulation in the blood vessels affects the normal flow of our blood and oxygen in the body. When cholesterol levels are out of sorts, a physician will suggest that a prescribed medication be taken in an effort to lower levels before other serious complications become present. Of course, medication for lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels should always be accompanied with a healthy diet and daily exercise. Crestor is often the drug of choice from many doctors when it comes to treating this condition, as it is an approved medication for treating high triglycerides and cholesterol, especially when other diseases are present such as diabetes, coronary artery disease, or other health risk factors.

When it comes to approved prescription drugs for the treatment of elevated cholesterol, Crestor is often chosen for its effective properties of preventing certain enzymes which influence the overall production of cholesterol in the body. As a result, a smaller amount of cholesterol is produced by the liver. Also, bad cholesterol, or LDL cholesterol is further diminished by the liver. Overall, this process is a sure deterrent for possible serious health issues which primarily relate to the heart and blood vessels’ adequate overall performance. Physicians know from clinical studies, that Crestor has been known to lower an LDL level by over 60 percent. Total cholesterol will be lowered by over 45 percent when using Crestor. The good cholesterol, or LDL, will rise by approximately 14 percent. This medication is commonly prescribed to patients young and old, who are at least 10 years of age.

Some folks should refrain from taking Crestor. Those with allergies to rosuvastatin, who are pregnant or breast feeding, or have liver disease should not take this medication. Also, a physician would want to know if other health conditions are present such as diabetes, thyroid disorders, and kidney or liver disease. If alcohol consumption surpasses two drinks per day, the doctor should be also informed. One should really avoid consumption of alcohol since this can cause liver damage by increasing triglycerides.

Such cases may be rare, but there may possibly be a tissue breakdown of the skeletal muscles when taking Crestor and other cholesterol lowering medications. Sudden muscle tenderness and pain, or muscle weakness should always be reported to the doctor for professional assessment. These symptoms accompanied by extreme fatigue, fever, and darkened urine are significant symptoms for a doctor to assess if he or she has prescribed Crestor. Also notify the physician if other medications, whether over the counter, herbal remedies, or more, are also taken along with Crestor. This prescribed cholesterol medication taken with some products may cause other health issues. Crestor does not need to be a lifelong drug for high cholesterol and triglycerides. Proper diet and daily exercise will also play a role in controlling high cholesterol levels, thus preventing the necessary medication for this condition.