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When you want powerful sore throat relief for your sore throat pain, you should use Cepacol Maximum Strength Lozenges - as they provide the maximum amount of numbing medication you can get without a prescription.

With a combination of an analgesic and an anesthetic, menthol and benzocaine, Cepacol maximum strength lozenges (Cherry, Honey Lemon & Sugar Free Cherry) start to relieve sore throat pain instantly and helps you feel better.

With a combination of a cough suppressant and an anesthetic, dextromethorphan and benzocaine, Cepacol maximum strength lozenges (Sore Throat + Cough Mixed Berry) start to relieve sore throat pain instantly and suppresses your cough.

When you want sensational relief with great taste for your sore throat irritation, Cepacol Sensations Lozenges is a good choice. It contains a lower amount of numbing medication than Cepacol Maximum Strength products. The three variants relieve sore throat pain and provide either an instantly cooling, warming, or refreshing sensation with great taste.

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