Promasone Instant Rebate Offer

Print an instant rebate voucher for Pramosone E or Pramosone. If your pharmacist is unable to provide an instant rebate, follow the claim submittal process described in option 3 on the second page of the voucher to receive your rebate by mail. You can see the instruction or process for claiming this coupon or instant rebate offer by clicking the link "Get Coupon" provided below.

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Relief of itch associated with atopic dermatitis and other corticosteroid-responsive dermatoses

  • Uniquely combines pramoxine HCl anesthetic to relieve overall itch with hydrocortisone acetate to reduce inflammation
  • Pramosone E Cream has a high lipid content—delivered by Hydrolipid Technology, a unique reverse phase formulation of 70% lipids dispersed in 30% water
  • Prescription only