Pataday Coupon $10.00 Off Rebate

Get your $10 PATADAY™ Solution rebate in these simple steps:

1.)Visit your healthcare provider and ask about a prescription for PATADAY™ Solution.
2.) Pick up your prescription from your pharmacist. Pay your applicable out of pocket costs and keep your receipt.
3.) Fill out the required fields below and click "Next" below to generate your rebate form.
4.) Print the rebate form.
5.) Follow all terms and conditions and mail the rebate form to the address on the form. You'll receive your rebate within 8-10 weeks. Visit our rebate status page for information on checking your rebate status.

Since PATADAY™ Solution is a prescription eye drop, please visit your healthcare provider and ask about getting a free sample of PATADAY™ Solution.

Pataday™ solution is indicated for the treatment of ocular itching associated with allergic conjunctivitis.