Ways You Can Have A Good Sleep
Last Edited: November 1st, 2012
There are several individuals who are suffering from sleeplessness which is very tough for those individuals who wanted to have a goodnight sleep. What makes us lie open-eyed on our beds, gazing at the ceiling, be anxious about the vision of going to work the next day lifeless eyed and fatigued?

It has been confirmed that deficiency of appropriate sleep leads to obesity, hypertension, and heart diseases etc. In this article we attempt to discover the top sleep disruptors and aid you work around them.

You overplay
One of the reason why you are suffering from sleeplessness every night is you go overboard every weekends, not only that you sleep late on Saturdays or Sundays you also have a lot of sleep hours during the afternoon which makes you frustrated in sleeping. Having much sleep will make you feel exhausted also and feel disoriented not to mention it can also make your appetite low. That in the end you will end up having an awful Monday. 

Solution: Make it a habit that you keep an alarm clock which is an essential tool for you to wake up on time. And make sure to allow yourself to have a timely power nap in the afternoon. Moreover, make sure also that you don’t overslept or else it will be hard for you to sleep at night.

Couple’s Difficulties
If your girlfriend/wife moves too much while she is sleeping and you feel so annoyed, disturbed in your sleep.  She keeps rotating and tossing in bed, making it terrible for you to ensure a good night sleep.

Rule out several possibilities why your partner is having such gestures every night. Talk to your partner and make sure he/she understands so that both of you will fix the problem. If you don’t know any solution you can ask an expert so that it can benefit not only you but also your partner.

Loud Neighborhood
Occasionally it’s not us, it’s them, those troublesome children crying and whining, or silly neighbor moving furniture or hammering nails at 1 in the morning; or a wedding procession or somebody bursting crackers; or an idiot talking on his phone right under your building.

Solution: The best thing you can do is to keep your windows shut and plugging an ear-plug. You will notice that your sleep is sound and peaceful.

Unfilled Stomach
If you sleep on an empty stomach you will end up waking up in the middle of your sleep which may lead to disturbance of sleep. So make sure you eat sufficient food but remember not too much. 

Solution: Keeping a food like fruits or biscuit by your bed side will do as long as you don’t stuff yourself too much. 

Messy Bed
Have you observed how hygienic and bright sheets in a hotel are such an openhearted sight? But in your own home, your bed is loaded with papers, dirty underwear, wet towels etc, which is not at all a pleasing sight.

Solution: Clear the whole thing an hour before going to bed, or don’t mess it at all. Keep your room space distinct.

Drinking before bed
Drinking greatly before going to bed is not a good idea. Alcohol-induced sleep is not really sleep; it is just tiredness from too much alcohol in your system. Also, when you wake up in the morning, you will feel you haven’t slept at all, which in turn will convert into a horrible day at work.

Solution: If you can’t resist drinking alcohol at night make sure to drink a glass or two. Limiting your self from drinking too much will help you significantly to sleep well. 

Lighting in your room
There are times that even if we used to sleep with lights are open it still kind of annoying or disturbing. If you find it difficult for you to sleep while lights are open try to figure out if lights off or dim light is a good idea.

Solution: Turning off lights or providing dim lights inside your room might be effective since dim light is comforting.

TV before bed
If you’re not used to watching tv late at night then it is very suggested that if you want to have a goodnight sleep it is much better not to watch tv anymore since it will just make your brain busy interpreting or understanding what you are watching. 

Solution: Instead of watching tv it is recommended just to read a book and let your mind imagine those words and phrases you are reading in that way your brain will surely calm down and make you feel better to fall asleep.

Follow these steps to have a good night’s sleep.

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