Unhealthy Habits That Can Cause Your Life
Last Edited: August 5th, 2015
Nowadays our lifestyles demand that we withhold on sleep, pay little consideration to our food and guarantee excellence in everyday task. On the other hand, these practices come at a cost that takes its toll in the days to come. If this is your lifestyle, then we hope you have sufficient health insurance at least. Sooner or later, your harmful practices will have an impact to your health. On celebrating the World Health Day, we request that you look at these practices and decide to change them for good.

Lack of Sleep
Many studies have highlighted the harmful effects of not insufficient sleep every night. From faintness to fatness and a whole host of complications, your lost sleep is hurting you in more fatal ways than you can ever imagine. Target a 7 hours of sleep every night!  

Insufficient Water Intake
One more routine that we fail to maintain a check on is the amount of water we drink every day. If you consume not more than 3 to 4 litres is a way to ruin your body as it is important to get much water to function at its finest level. Trying this for just a few days and observe the changes.

Appropriate Breathing
The most significant activity of our lives is the most underestimated too. Too much toxic waste and garbage has made us cover our noses and make uneven breathing sometimes as alternative. Breathing properly is the main step to a strong heart and body, and if you are breathing anyplace above your stomach you must know how to draw complete breaths.

Too Much Consumption of Salt and Sugar
Sodium and sugar are considered as major silent killers. From unstable blood pressure to swelling and widespread fatness, our processed food is filled with too much sugar and salt that is helpful but pollutant to your body. Always eat healthy although it means giving up your taste buds. You will appreciate what it makes for your body.

Excessive or Inadequate Eating
One more habit we undergo is being incapable to check on how much food we need. Eating with distractions such as watching television or in front of computer screen will confuse our mind all the more. Ensure that you chew your food properly and take time to eat. Knowledge on amount of food you need to eat is important to maintain healthy body.

Unhealthy Hygiene 
Biting your nails, not brushing correctly or just having a spontaneous attitude to cleanliness, these are bad hygiene that doesn’t strike a lot in its initial attempt. But then if it gets in, you must expect a slugfest. Change your sense of hygiene immediately if you want your health to improve.  

Using Headphones All Day
This is not a joke; the outcome of wearing headphones all day is bacteria around your ears. Worse, listening to loud volume of music can harm your hearing forever. Certainly not increase the volume of your earpiece. Spend in noise-terminating headphones and lessen the use of your headphones.  

Relationship Difficulties
The consequence of being in a bad relationship is stress and frustration no matter what else you do, this is mostly a mental peace of mind than anything else.  Whether it is your supervisor or your best friend or even your partner, once you felt being trapped with any of them, you must be honest and leave the relationship. You might be saving more than yourself.

Being Somebody Who Likes To Do Things Properly All The Time
Perfectionism is a legend. There is criticism all the time, no matter how well-made something is. Discontinue being a perfectionist and as a replacement, change your approach to giving the absolute best that you can do. Don’t push yourself too much and don’t bother others for the sake of perfectionism. Making your life calm and peaceful is healthier than a life of pursuing perfection unto eternity.

Spending No Time to Your Likes
Our day-to-day lives are so fascinating in themselves that we like to do nothing and just hang around when we have free time to ourselves. Break the habit of overindulging on the latest TV series and surfing the Internet purposelessly and look on the road to dedicating some quality time for your interests, be it painting or learning a new skill or even writing your own book. Be a motivation unto yourself and observe how your mind and body return ideas and good health.

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