Tips Not To Forget Taking Daily Meds
Last Edited: June 28th, 2012
For many individuals, recalling taking a day-to-day medication can be the difference between life and death. Yet, individuals forget all the time. Have you just begun to take medicinal routine that needs you to take tablets daily? Perhaps you'd like to get hooked on the routine of taking multivitamins every day. Recalling to take your drug each day can be a task, but it is also very significant for your health. If you're forgetful or basically have too many prescriptions to track, then maybe you need some tips on how to remember them.

Make sure to use something that will make you remember taking your daily meds like calendars or notifications on your phone. One of the easiest ways to track down your medications daily is to use calendar. Very affordable and easy, instead of remembering all those drugs why not write a note on the calendar for a month and what should be taking or what should be not. You can also ask help for someone to make it noticeable in your room so that you will not forget to take your daily meds. And also, one good thing about the technology today is you can use your smartphone’s calendar or notes. 

If calendar will find it hard for you to do then visualization might help you not to forget your daily meds. Put the medicine close to something you must deal with on a regular basis. For instance, if you take your meds in the a.m., make sure that before sleeping at night, you place it next to your table, if you are eating you’re breakfast. Or, you can attach your meds or pill box to your toothbrush and add a noticeable note. Make it part of your routine. If you take it every morning, make it a routine to take it as soon as you take your breakfast or before doing anything else, or as soon as you get out of bed.

You can buy sticky notes to leave in your door, in the bathroom, or anywhere that you normally visit. If your meds needs to be stored in fridge then it’s a good idea to put a note on the fridge door that says Take Pills! Remember meds that needs to be taken with a meal, by keeping it right on the table, in front of the place that you eat.

If you’re always on your computer then you should consider creating a text file on your desktop that can remind you to take your meds or things you need to accomplish before you need to do what needs to be done. You can search the Internet for applications such as sticky notes that you can be installed directly on your desktop, rather than using paper ones. These applications will frequently allow you to set timers and reminders directly to the notes to flash or emit sounds consequently.

If you have a difficult schedule, write a list with the meds, specific time and date and stick the list to the mirror in your room or to any place where you can actually see the list. You can also create this on a grid and check off each meds after you take it.

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