Stroke Resource Guide
Last Edited: October 9th, 2012

Stroke Resource Guide

You are doing any of your everyday activities. You could be at work, shopping, driving or any of countless other activities. Suddenly you may be feeling numbness in your leg, arm or face. Or you are having problems with your vision or your speech pattern has suddenly changed. These are just a few of the common symptoms that indicate you may be having a Stroke.

A Stroke occurs when the brain is damaged because of a stoppage of blood flowing to the brain. These can be caused by many things that resulted in bleeding in the brain or having a blood vessel to the brain become blocked. Many times a Stroke can occur without a great deal of warning, but with careful watch over your health, such as your blood pressure and cholesterol, the chances of having a Stroke can be lessened.

Having a Stroke can be a very scary situation for those involved. To help people understand the problems associated with having a Stroke, we have assembled a number of informative resources. Please feel free to read the following about Strokes, what causes them, what you should watch for and how to prevent being a victim. We hope this information is helpful and it is our wish that this guide can help save someone from being a Stroke victim.

Please feel free to bookmark this page as well as tell your friends and family about it. It could save someone’s life!

What is a Stroke?

  • Stroke – Medical definition which describes what happens when someone suffers a Stroke.
  • Stroke Definition – Information from the Mayo Clinic providing a description of a Stroke.
  • What is a Stroke? – Medical news article which gives a description of a Stroke including causes.
  • Types of Stroke – Informative page providing information on different types of strokes that can occur.
  • Types of Stroke – CDC information on the types of Stroke that are common in patients.
  • Ohio State Medical Center – Information on Thrombotic and Embolic Strokes and how they are different.

Stroke Causes

  • Stroke Causes – Helpful article giving readers information on the various causes of a Stroke.
  • Stroke Cause – WebMD page with useful information on the usual cause of a Stroke.
  • Common Stroke Causes – Information on the common causes of a Stroke in patients.
  • Common Brain Injury – Informative article from the Brain Center on the causes and complications of a Stroke.

Risk Factors

  • Risk Factors for a Stroke – Information on typical factors which can increase the chance of Stroke such as smoking, Diabetes and High Blood Pressure.
  • Understanding Risk – Helpful information from the Stroke Association which discusses many of the risk factors.
  • Risk Factors – Listing of ten risk factors which have been identified.
  • Stroke Factors – Useful information on various factors associated with a Stroke.


  • Stroke Symptoms – Informative page about common symptoms from the National Stroke Association.
  • Symptoms and Signs – Helpful page with information on the symptoms and warning signs of a Stroke.
  • Stroke Signs and Symptoms – Information on the signs and symptoms that people should be aware of indicating a Stroke.
  • Stroke Symptoms – Useful information from ABC News about the latest on symptoms.
  • Recognizing a Stroke – Article providing information on how to recognize the signs of a Stroke.
  • Am I Having a Stroke? – Web page giving signs of what to look for in determining if someone is suffering a Stroke.



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