How to Stick to a Medication Routine
Last Edited: April 12th, 2012

You brush your teeth every morning, take the garbage out to the curb once a week and remember to eat your fruit and veggies, so why is it so hard for some individuals to stick to a medication routine?

Taking your medication every day and on time is just as important to your health as taking care of your teeth, household chores or diet. In fact, numerous health injuries are caused by not taking prescription medication correctly.

When you don't establish a medication routine, you run the risk of missing a dose or doubling up on a dose. This can significantly impact your health and in some cases land you a trip to the hospital. But there are tips to strengthening your ability to remember to take your medication time.

Follow these for a fool-proof way to protect your health.

  1. Talk to your doctor about the best time to take your medication. Some meds are best taken at night, while others after a meal or first thing in the morning. Go over the dosage instructions with your doctor to determine the best time to take your medication.
  2. Pair taking your medication with a regular routine that you no longer think about doing. For instance, brushing your teeth, eating breakfast or taking an evening shower. By making the commitment to couple your pill-taking with an activity you always do, you increase your chances of remembering to take your medication.
  3. Leave reminders for yourself. Stick post-it notes on your refrigerator or next to your coffee pot that remind you to take your medication. Set a daily alarm on your clock or mobile device and have it sound off at the same time every day when you should take your medication.

Remember that it takes about three weeks to turn an action into a routine behavior. Try these simple but effective strategies and in less than a month, you will be on your way to establishing a long-term medication routine.

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