Simple Ways to Avoid Being Slouchy
Last Edited: July 29th, 2015
Nothing like our prehistoric descendants, our lives are pretty much fixed to the desks for good 10-12 hours or more where we have coffee mugs replenished. Prolonged deskbound just does not conclude there; everybody gets a get-up-and-go and then we are too weary to move ourselves from the tremendously comfortable couch in front of the television. As a result, it will give you a depraved posture and an unnatural spine. Don’t let the chair win and be a little more premeditated while at work and balance working and exercising. Let’s discuss different ways to avoid being slouchy.

Choosing Stairs Instead of Elevator or Escalator
To boost your stamina during the start of your day, choosing stairs instead of other means to get to your work will give you the best energy to pump it throughout the day. That would give you a mentality of not being late as you’ll tend to use the easiest way to go to your office. 

Keeping a Good Position
Yes, it will be tough and exhausting at first. Moreover, you might take a period to get used to it but it will be worth it. It will lessen strain in your neck, shoulders, back and will improve organ function too.

Simple Workout during Bathroom/Coffee Break
It is not that odd as it sounds since most individuals at present barely get to go to the gym. So make your office like a gym. Ten push-ups and eventually add 10 squats twice a day. It will make you feel fitter and you gain back the buoyancy which sags are likely to carry off.

Simply Walking
It is social attitude to work well when you have a motivation of taking short breaks through the day than slogging all over the day in a single sitting. Similarly, it revives you and makes you feel garden-fresh.

Dip Before Lunch
Your triceps could use a little moving while you are just about to leave for lunch. Put your hands on your chair and your feet overextended on the floor in front of you. Lower yourself until your arms form a 90 degree angle and then press up. 15 reps should be a good count to start.

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