Preventing Headaches
Last Edited: October 14th, 2012
Headaches have a manner of leaping upon us and taking us by shock. We’re having a seamlessly good day and unexpectedly this aggravating headache attacks and ruins it for us and others around us.

Don’t you just dislike it when that occurs? Then starts a chain of home remedies, beginning from balms to steam inhalation or tying a cloth around the forehead, or the medicine most individuals go towards: cracking a pill. And over a period of time we end up cracking a lot of pills, our bodies turn out to be immune. Then we either have to upsurge the amount or switch to another medicine and the vicious sequence carry on. Headaches are not inherited; they are carried about by our own negligence. Here are a small number of ways to prevent them:

Damp hair
When you take a bath and don’t dry your hair totally, the water remains to rest on your scalp and makes your scalp too cold, thus triggering headaches. This is generally triggered by the dampness. So continually dry your hair appropriately. You don’t need to use a hair dryer, just dry it carefully.

Out in the sun
Being out underneath the sun is acceptable if you’re wearing a cap. Too much heat on your scalp inclines to give you a headache. Moreover, if you’re out on a starving stomach, the fatigue of moving about in the sun roots for difficulties. So eat well and wear appropriate protective stuff.

Too much of a good thing
Have you observed that if you stand long an adequate amount in a fragrance store, you have a tendency to get a blunt pain in your head? That’s since scents that are too strong incline to induce headaches. So don’t go around smelling too much fragrance.

Computer Monitors
Our laptops and computer monitors are so bright these times that they put excessive stress on our eyes. When our eyes are in strain, it intensifies into a headache. So take a pause each hour. Open and close the eye regularly. Get a defensive anti-glare screen to precaution your eyes and prevent headaches.

Watching Television
Correspondingly, watching too much TV harms your eyes also. Keep a decent space between you and your TV. Don’t sit too near. Keep it at eye level, so that you don’t injure your neck. If your TV colors are too bright, correct them, make them softer.

Reading while lying down
It is not a worthy notion to read when you’re in bed. It puts unwarranted stress on your eyes. Constantly sit erect when you’re reading. Likewise, guarantee there is sufficient light.

Brain Freeze
Have you quailed when you’ve bite off into an ice cube or ate or drank something very cold? Good. So you know, you’re not supposed to do that. It, in a manner, does freeze your brain since these things are just so mind-numbingly cold. And when you do that, it noticeably roots for a headache. Even too much alcohol, so drinking in balance is recommended.

Lack of Sleep
If you don’t have a sound sleep, not only do you look haggard, you also suffer from headaches. So ensure you have at least 6-7 hours of good, uninterrupted sleep, so that when you wake up, your mind and body is fresh and ready to go.

Long drives
Taking long drives on your motorbike is overwhelming. But in winters when you take your car for a spin, you are exposed to cold, moist breeze, particularly during early mornings and late nights. If there is a lengthy contact, it roots for anguish and pain. So wear a helmet or a hankie around your mouth and nose.

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