Obesity a Malady or Lifestyle?
Last Edited: June 24th, 2012

The days when we had flabby cheeks which considered as a sign of healthy is vanished and the days when people used to say that fatty bellies are from their prosperous family is also gone. With the period of time, situation has changed. Now individuals sense afraid and wary when somebody points to their plumpy bums.

No one desire to put extra weight and turn out to be obese. World Health Organization (WHO) has titled obesity as a disease. It is a medical state where extra body fat may have antagonistic health effects and even top to reduced life expectancy. It may cause cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, type 2 diabetes mellitus, obstructive sleep apnea, osteoarthritis and many types of cancer.

Fatness is now termed as ‘Globesity’ as it has turn into pandemic. None of the countries could escape from it. According to WHO by 2015, approximately 2.3 billion adults will be overweight and more than 700 million will be obese as projected. Obesity is a chronic disease and dominant among all age clusters. It marks due to disproportion between energy intake and energy expenditure. Though there are many explanations for it but it is generally coming up as the life style malady. Some of the life style deviations can be emphasized as follows:

1. More opportunities from life have made individuals demanding, reduced free time for getaways and exercise.
2. Deskbound jobs and inactive in front of the computers for long durations lessens the metabolism of the body and transforms extra calories into fat.
3. Our consumption habits have also altered. Lack of time has changed the correct meal with the fast foods. It is easy to cook and accessible at every place of our streets and from the road side merchants also.
4. The wealth has led to repeated eating outsides in inns, brasseries and other eating junctions.
5. Employed moms several a times choose to give cash to their kids or teenagers in its place of lunch boxes which they expend to buy junk foods from their school cafeterias.
6. Sitting before the TV while eating makes us consume more than what we wanted and essential.
7. We can eat junk food even then when the mealtime is not necessary, since it is appealing and delicious. It basically adds calories and fat in our bulk.
8. Moms make their kids sit before the idiot box with a plate of easy going snacks or a pack of chips and does their house hold routines which make their kids fatty. It promote contributes to rise the occurrence of obesity in the times to come. It has been detected that the kids, who are obese in their childhood, nurture up as obese grown-ups.
9. Revolution in vehicle services has amplified the problem on poor feet to transport the heavy mass of fatty tummies. Going on foot or bikes have been changed by two wheelers or cars. Easily available bank loans, easy installments and high perks at jobs have made the roads crowded with motorized traffic.
10. Modernization has made all the conveniences like schools, hospitals, shopping huts, multiplexes accessible close which has reduced the distance also.
11. Development has led to avert more and more individuals towards cities where all services are obtainable. Most of the communities have come at par with the metropolises for having all services at homes. Going out for nature’s call, sentient in fresh air, loving roasted beans and corns have turn into the old day reminiscences. This all is causative to rise obesity.

Let’s break, deliberate and FIX what is truly required to be done. Let’s construct strong nation.

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