Mistakes While Toothbrushing
Last Edited: October 28th, 2012
There is one thing that certainly not changing in the time table each one of us set for ourselves, picking up the toothbrush each sunrise no matter how busy for time we are. Step one in your day-to-day routine; brushing your shining whites ‘properly’ is what is anxious upon right from childhood. Yet, errors are obviously made in this if not totally fixed practice. Below are several errors that you are perhaps doing:

Brushing for a very short time
The perfect recommended time for brushing is two to three minutes. Conversely, the rush that a frenzied way of life brings along with itself reduces this time and one ends up brushing for only just a minute or so.

Occasional Brushing
Kids as well as adults should brush at a minimum of twice a day in order to guarantee good health of their teeth. One must not brush more than three times a day because it could result into contact of the root of the tooth leading to annoyance. 

Not using the Correct Toothbrush
Using the correct toothbrush is of greatest significance and somewhat that one essential to buy with carefulness. You must consider the size of your mouth, the ease of the handle before making the buying. With the development of technology, electric toothbrushes accessible in the market can also be used for added suitability. 

Not changing the toothbrush at the exact time
Giving significance to the hygiene of the toothbrush is as vital as choosing the right one. Essentially this must be followed firmly if you have ached from an illness in order to prevent the germs and bacteria to re-enter the body. In normal situations, consider changing a toothbrush as soon as the bristles appear worn out.

Not selecting the right bristles
Bristles that are too rigid are identified to worsen gums. Therefore a soft bristled brush is the seamless choice. One must also keep in mind that the bristles should be durable enough to eliminate the plaque but not cause hurt to the teeth. 

Method of brushing
Brushing too solid or unsuitably can be one of the crucial mistakes you might be compelling. Following the right method in the course must be studied even though brushing might appear an unintentional task. Brushing too firm can cause germs to go back over time and the usage of wrong bristles can hurt your mouth. It is suggested that one brushes in circular gesture to get rid of the bacteria and food elements trapped in the mouth. 

Overlooking the inside of your teeth
Brushing every portion of your teeth supports it to be germ and dirt free. The lack of ability to do so can end in the growth of plaque. Skipping your back teeth, molars and pre-molars while brushing can cause cavities and also lead to bad breath.

Not rinsing appropriately
After brushing, rinsing the toothbrush and your mouth with water is very critical. Bacteria are identified to grow on an un-rinsed toothbrush. Thoroughly washing the brush will benefit you getting free of any leftover toothpaste and particles stuck in the bristles.

Not cleaning the tongue
After brushing your teeth flawlessly, the tongue should be given some much-needed care too. A tongue cleaner or scraper must be used to kill the bacteria existing in that area of the mouth and therefore, refresh your breath.

Not consuming the Precise Toothpaste
Choosing the right toothpaste and visiting your dentist for the same should be made as a practice. Baking soda toothpastes, whitening toothpastes and a lot other selection is accessible in the market nowadays. Select your toothpaste sensibly as it is vital for your dental health. 

The otherwise simple procedure of brushing should be done with highest accuracy in order to let your shiny white teeth add to your self-confidence.

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