Men's Unhygienic Behaviors
Last Edited: September 26th, 2012
‘Unclean’, ‘sluggish’ and ‘unhealthy’ are words generally connected with men of all ages. Let’s take a detailed observation at all the unhygienic lifestyles that men hold on to.

1. Oral Cleanliness
Brushing twice a day is not simply significant but is also an accepted law of hygiene. Inappropriately, men love to break rules and think brushing once a day is more than sufficient. Consistent dental check-up is something that is a particularly ignored occurrence.

2. Restroom Sanitation
Peeing on the toilet seat and not cleaning it is an intolerable practice that some men are recognized to have. Similarly, several do not wash their hands after using the bathroom, seemingly, unconscious of the quantity of germs they convey with them as an outcome.

3. Health Check ups
Being the ‘man’ of the household, he constantly pay no attention to his health regardless of knowing that they are further prone to severe sicknesses like cancer. Consistent calls to the doctor are not only significant but should be made required after crossing a certain age.

4. Scratching
Scratching themselves at odd spots in public spaces is yet an additional practice that is unquestionably unhealthy. In order to prevent the sweat to gather and cause itching at private parts, keeping cleanliness is vital for every man.

5. Smoking
One of the unnatural behaviors that a widely held of men never want to give up is smoking. The harmful outcomes of smoking are well recognized to everybody, but the information is appropriately ignored. Cancer, lung diseases are all an outcome of too much smoking and this practice must be given up for a better tomorrow.

6. Digging the nose and mouth
If you have the routine of putting your finger in the nose and your mouth in public, think that it is not only unhygienic but also in contradiction of the basic manners you need to follow while you’re out of your house. By doing so, one not only looks filthy but also inclines to pass on germs to everything around them.

7. Talking with a full mouth
Nevertheless significant the discussion is, speaking with food in your mouth is basically improper. It is not only unhygienic but also an disagreeable sight for the individual sitting around you on the dining table.

Habits that disgust the person watching you and embarrass you at the same time, mean that they need to be stopped. Following the basic rules of hygiene never hurt anyone and would only do you a world of good.

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