Medication Dehydration – What you Need to Know
Last Edited: April 12th, 2012

If dehydration or reduced thirst is a side effect of the medications you take, it is extremely important that you increase the amount of clear fluids you consume, especially in the hot weather. Dehydration is a very serious health condition that can affect anyone who does not drink enough liquids throughout the day.

Diuretic medications are the most common and most serious drugs that can cause dehydration. These medications are responsible for pulling water out of the body, but when you couple this effect with the hot weather's dehydrating effects, you run the risk of having a potentially fatal health condition on your hands.

The elderly, young children, those who take dehydrating medications and athletes who practice outdoors in the sun are the most at-risk groups for dehydration. The warning signs of dehydration are reduced or lack of urination, confusion, dry lips, dry tongue, mild headache, thirst, muscle cramping, sunken eyes, lethargy and dizziness. If you suspect you or a someone close to you may be experiencing signs of dehydration, consume liquids immediately and seek medical attention promptly.

To prevent dehydration, drink a full glass of water with all of your medications. This will ensure proper absorption as well as proper hydration. Next, carry a bottle of water with you at all times and drink from it every thirty minutes. If you don't like the taste of water, consider adding a few splashes of whole fruit juice to it or a squeeze of lemon or lime to it. Lastly, don't wait until you are physically thirsty to drink. This is a sign that your body is clearly in need of liquids. If you do experience thirst, drink a clear beverage as quickly as possible. Opt for drinks that are free of caffeine and sugar. Caffeine also has a diuretic effect as well as leaving some individuals feel agitated and sugar is an empty and nutritionally-void source of calories.

While dehydration can be very serious, it can also be easily prevented. Protect your health this summer and those around you by drinking enough liquids every day.

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