Medication Dangers
Last Edited: April 12th, 2012

It is without question that medications save lives. But what you keep in your medicine cabinet can also be a serious threat to your health. Whether you take prescription medication or over-the-counter remedies, be aware of the following medication dangers.

  1. If your medicine changes in its color, taste or smell, contact your pharmacist or medical provider as soon as possible. Medicines that changed their form may mean that the medicine has also changed in its effectiveness or potency.
  2. Even if you eat leftovers after they have been sitting in your fridge for two days, don't risk your health by consuming expired medication. Its potency will likely be changed and that may be dangerous to your health.
  3. Even if your friend or close relative shares the same symptoms as you do, never share medications.
  4. If your doctor gave you the OK to drink alcohol in moderation, never swallow your daily medication while also consuming alcohol. Doing so can impair your judgment and it can also significantly affect the effectiveness of your medication.
  5. If you suspect that your medication bottle has been tampered with, contact your pharmacist as soon as possible.

Knowing how to best care for and take your medication protects our health and keeps you in control of your symptoms. Avoiding medication danger involves simple and practical strategies that can save your life.

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