Medical Examinations You Shouldn't Miss
Last Edited: October 3rd, 2012
As the saying tells us, prevention is better than cure and even if it’s already a cliché it is still true. With the advancement of our technology and modernization in our culture, medical technology witness a lot of magical advancement as well yet individuals are not taking that advantage.

For you to enjoy the optimum health through your lifetime and to keep those diseases away from you, you need to know several tests that must be taken after achieving a certain age.

Cholesterol Test
Heart illnesses have been on increase between the younger populations of today. Cholesterol level in the blood is one of the major culprits in triggering heart related illnesses. In order to guarantee that you are free from this threat, you must visit the physician and conduct the Lipid Profile test after a set time. This will not only make you vigilant about your health status but also aid you make the needed changes in your nutrition and workout.

Monitoring Blood Pressure
Getting your blood pressure monitored by your family doctor on a consistent basis is very significant. You can even get yourself a home test machine with the support of which you can monitor your pressure on a regular basis. It is vital to note that blood pressure is very easy to control with change in food habits and intake of medicines.

Testicular Test
It is a well-known detail that men among the age of 15- 40 are most inclined to testicular cancer. In order to determine and prevent some sort of a delay in treatment you must visit the doctor to recognize how to examine this illness so as to avoid it.

Diabetes Test
The diabetes test looks at how freely your body digests sugar. Family history is an essential sign whether you must get yourself established after every few years. Obesity and high blood pressure are also other causes that may lead to diabetes.

Thyroid Test
If you are dropping or gaining too much weight, feel exhausted, experience mood changes and are also sleepless then it is time you get yourself tested for thyroid. Hypothyroidism is a disorder where the thyroid gland produces a smaller amount of the hormone which, if left unattended, can lead to difficulties in the individual’s health.

Skin Test
It might seem unimportant but caring yourself from the unsafe radiations of the sun is very vital. The cases of skin cancer have remained on the rise and to get oneself tested for the similar is critical. If identified at an early stage it can be cured and later you must be cautious. Doctors vouch for the use of effective sunscreen lotions to give your skin a layer of defense.

Taking these simple tests separately from the others that your family doctor mentions you is a non-negotiable routine that you must follow in order to live a healthy and happy life.

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