Means to Increase Your Water Consumption
Last Edited: October 25th, 2012

The significance of drinking water is constantly restated to you in diverse means. Nevertheless, often one flops to consume the sufficient quantity of water vital by the body.


Let’s look at means to raise the consumption of water.

Bring a water bottle

No matter where you go, an accessible water bottle in your bag is a necessity. By doing so, every time you sense thirsty, you can instantly gulp down some water from the bottle rather than keeping yourself thirsty for long.


If you fit to the kind of individuals who need to be jog your memory to drink water, then fixed an alarm that would beep-beep after every hour and remind you to drink water.



When a bottle of water is set aside right in front of your eyes, it is further appropriate for an otherwise sluggish individual to pick it up and drink from it. Be it your office desk or your bed; make it a routine to have a nice-looking bottle right in front of you.


Delicious add-ons

If you don’t like drinking pure water then adding flavors would add an interesting taste to make it easy for you to consume the required amount of water for your body.  Adding lemon, rose or any other uplifting syrup to your water can aid you succeed your target.


Sticky Notes

If you are always forgetful when drinking water as often as possible then aside from setting an alarm you can also try to write and stick a note to places you are always in. It is much better to have notes you can see always for you to remind to drink water every now and then.


Soups and Juices

Variations or add-ons made to one’s nutrition can also aid in increasing the water consumption. Drinking your worthiest fresh fruit juices and soups in the day can also guarantee water intake for your body.


Fruits and Vegetables

A quantity of fruits and vegetables has a good volume of water. Tomatoes are nothing but 97% water and oranges are composed of 87% water. Likewise avocados, strawberries sweet limes surrounded by numerous others are rich in water and you must eat them to consume adequate quantity of water on a regular basis.


Encourage yourself

Self-motivation shows a very dynamic part when you are out there getting an objective. Gauging the quantity of water and pushing yourself for the sake of good health to drink more water each day can be an effective manner to drink adequate of water.

Might look a huge undertaking, but applying simple and inventive methods to drink more water every day can work in the right way for you.

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