High Rates of Flu Among Elderly Americans
Last Edited: April 12th, 2012

The most recent data from the Centers of Disease Control estimates that the flu and pneumonia are the seventh¬-leading cause of death in the United States among those 65 and older. According to the organization, elderly Americans account for 90 percent of flu-related hospitalizations each year, despite their high vaccination rate. While this is puzzling to many, some researchers suggest that their bodies might not respond as well to the vaccine as younger adults do.

In order to prevent this, new studies are underway that are designed to investigate how seniors can experience a more effective response from the vaccine – one that will ultimately keep them flu-free for the entire flu season. One intervention currently under investigation is offering seniors a shot that contains four times the amount of dead flu virus to which the body can react.

According to the CDC, this high-dose shot, manufactured by French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi Pasteur, has been proven in clinical trials to get a stronger immune response.

If you are a senior and are concerned about your body's ability to fight off the flu virus, even after receiving the traditional flu shot, speak with your doctor about this new and more potent injection. While available last year, this high dose shot is more readily available this season.

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