Health Issues You Can't Ignore
Last Edited: August 13th, 2015
Despite the fact that a small number of aches and discomforts are common, particular symptoms might not just be what they look like. Ensure you don't overlook definite health signs. Below are some of the symptoms you might want to consider telling your doctor:

Severe Headaches
A rupture blood vessel in your brain may possibly produce unexpected and exceptionally excruciating headaches. Known as a ruptured aneurysm, this involves vital care. Further symptoms include chest pain, fatigue and failing vision, which could point to cardiac cephalgia or meningitis.

What to do: Ask your doctor if you need to do some tests to make a diagnosis for the reason of your excruciating headaches.

Aching Tooth
A bit of a sting or discomfort while having an ice-cream or a chilled drink is tolerable, shooting pain is not. If you feel like your teeth are feeling more subtle, it's time you pay a visit to your dentist. A bad toothache could signify that a nerve in the tooth has been damaged - a sign of decaying teeth. The more you keep delaying a visit to the dentist, the more the bacteria will spread in your mouth, leading to severe pain.

What to do: Visit your dentist as soon as possible. Don’t delay it as it will complicate your situation.

Chest Discomfort
Particular foods cause heartburn or stomachache. You need to isolate the variance between that and something that could theoretically more risky. Don't let the thought of a heart problem frighten you from visiting the doctor. When you sense like there is a weight on your chest - quite accurately - or pain, it might just be one of the numerous signs of a heart attack.

What to do: We cannot say it’s serious or not so it is better to go to ER immediately to attend your medical needs.

Unexpected Weight Loss 
Whether you're on a diet and working out or not, dropping a lot more weight than you should or losing weight unexpectedly for no obvious cause, is a reason for concern. Unexplained weight loss can be pointing out to an original illness, a sign of diabetes or more than a few other health difficulties.

What to do: Schedule an appointment to your doctor to rule out several illnesses.

Sexual Dysfunction
One of the most common difficulties, erectile dysfunction occurs to all men at certain point in their lives. But if it is a frequent problem, you need to get it tested.

What to do: A urologist will definitely give you an answer to your problem.

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