Good Food That Gives You Potassium
Last Edited: August 6th, 2015
There are lots of mineral that can cancel out the harmful effects of too much consumption of salt. It has the capability to protect your blood vessels from harmful effects by keeping them small. No need to mention the bigger probabilities of a stroke, heart diseases, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. that are triggered simply because you get insufficient potassium from the diet you follow. Therefore, foods filled with great potassium are a requirement in your diet. Following are list of 10 such foods:

More than just a meat substitute, beans are so beneficial, there are types of white beans that are abundant not only in potassium, but also fiber, protein and iron. Examples are soy, lima and kidney beans.

Skinned Baked Potatoes
Because it is extremely abundant in carbohydrates, it provides about 926mg of potassium for each serving. Still, these are not recommended for diabetic persons. One more type of a simmered potato is a sweet potato with skin can be healthier substitute for balancing of blood sugar.

Aside from helping your intestines and maintaining your stomach fit, yoghurt is a probiotic which is indeed high in potassium content.

Carrot And Tomato Juice
Be it individually or together, carrot and tomato juice, share very similar orange or reddish color. Fruits and veggies of this color are equally filled with potassium.

Except from potassium, fishes have a great deal of healthy fats that lessen harmful cholesterol and eventually make your heart in a good shape. Oily fish offer vitamins A and D, which are significant in the growth and development of children

This sweet and delicious highly-filled-in-potassium molasses is a substitute to sugar/honey. Molasses can be used in different food products and additives. It also comprises no protein or dietary fibre and almost no fat.

This fruit fall under the group of high-potassium foods which are also healthy for your stomach. Bananas are generally thought to be an exceptional source of potassium, it also gives excellent supply of vitamin B6 and contain enough amounts of vitamin C, manganese and dietary fiber.

Evidently, milk is a remarkable source of potassium giving 580mg of it per serving. Milk also offers minerals like with calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, and zinc

Dry Fruits
Most probably, dry fruits shelter the highest amount of potassium. For example each serving of prunes comprises about 1.5g of potassium.

Coconut Water
Either dry coconut or its water, around one cup of it can offer you with 600mg of potassium satisfying 17% of your regular potassium needs.

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