Gaining Weight After Quit Smoking
Last Edited: September 29th, 2012
The anxiety of weight gain is one of the several defenses - or somewhat causes - behind smokers remaining onto their lights even after insistent health warnings.

Statistically, quitters increase about 4 -10 pounds after abandoning cigarette smoking. He would have considered in 4-10 pounds weightier if he had never smoked in the first place. The more you smoked before, the more your gain weight

Whereas this is definitely disturbing news in our shallow society, this weight gain continues only for six months.

These are the details behind weight gain.

Smoking Lead to Faster Absorption
Your absorption is the speed at which you burn calories for energy -70% of your calories are burnt for significant purposes (breathing, cardiac, renal functions etc.)

Nicotine increases your metabolic rate. You burn more calories - which is why most fashion models do smoke so much. A non-smoker has a healthy metabolic rate - lower than smokers. Quitting gets you back to your original rate of burning calories, and may turn out to be even lower before it evens out to your normal rate.

Smokers like nutrients less
A lit cigarette is a burning tube of paper and elements. It will, without question harm your taste buds. Quitting smoking will unexpectedly increase your sense of taste. And tasty means more eating.

Furthermore, your body is longing the feeling of relaxation that nicotine used to give you. If not your cigarette, eating can satiate this urge. Even your likings in taste might alter. An instant sugar rush stimulates several smokers to progress a sweet tooth. Ditto for longings for fatty foods.

Therefore, resulting to weight gain.

Apart from being capable to truly enjoy the delicate taste of red wine, you're also replacing your brain's desire for one drug with another - calorie rich alcohol.

Oral Fixation
Smoking is doing something even if you're standing only, doing not anything. It's an action in the actual common sense of the term since your hands and your mouth are busy.

Food is unquestionably the next source of oral satisfaction, which is why lots of smokers are recommended to bring crunchy foods like carrots and celery, or are found aggravating anxiously at a toothpick.

Food as leisure
Smoking turns as hobby by giving you a common reason to hang out, deal with stress, amuse and reward yourself. The next top substitute for all of these is food.

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