Foods To Avoid While On Antibiotic Prescription
Last Edited: October 19th, 2012
Medicines are constantly unfriendly guests in our system that upsets the stability and the set form within. Antibiotics, when prescribed by the doctor, must be taken on time along with detailed attention to food intake. Read through to find out what all must be avoided while on antibiotics:

1. Alcohol
Alcohol is the system’s most horrible opponent while consuming antibiotics. This liquid is recognized to lessen the effect that the medicine is preferably going to have on your body. Alcohol drinking not only depresses the speed of the progression of healing but also hinders the effect in the longer run. In order to guarantee seamless outcomes, you must avoid food items that have alcohol, mouthwashes, syrups etc.

2. Dairy Products
Dairy Products like milk, yogurt, cottage cheese and the likes are identified to reduce the result of the antibiotic drug you are taking to heal the illness. Doctors recommend staying away from these products since they can degrade the condition by provoking diarrhea, which is a side effect of consuming these drugs.

3. Fibrous Foods
While on antibiotic medicine, you must evade the consumption of foods rich in fiber like green leafy vegetables and beans. These foods are identified to delay with the complete absorption route of these drugs. Also these foods like dairy products exaggerate diarrhea.

4. Foods with High Acidic Content
Acidic foods like lemons, tomatoes, sweet limes and other beverages can show to be an obstruction in the curing course if you are under antibiotic prescription. These ingredients when consumed can hinder the absorption process of the drugs in the body.

5. Heavy Food
Any gentle of food that is hefty on the intestinal system should be prevented during this time frame. Occasionally hard to digest foods can show damaging and cause a interference in the healing process. Go to just cooked and light food to guarantee the essential medicinal properties to be absorbed by the body. Antibiotics are drugs that heal you faster but, in the course, upset the regular systems of your body. Therefore, while consuming these drugs it is vital for you to ask your doctor, keep appropriateness in its ingesting and monitor the intake of food to guarantee finest outcomes.  

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