Foods That Give You Bad Breath
Last Edited: August 6th, 2015
Certainly, bad breath is constantly related with the condition of your stomach, specifically more to the food you eat. You might be shocked to know certain foods that are giving you those continuing bad breaths, though you think you are doing all that you can by escaping foods like garlics and onions.

Chewable Mint
Unexpectedly, the chewing or spray mints that are made-up to give you a fresh breath are the ones that cause a bad breath in the long run. Once the menthol fades, your breath, actually, goes even worse than before.

Too Sweet To Handle
When the food you eat is sweeter, poorer breath will be the consequence. You might want to satisfy your sweet tooth once in a while and pampering in a cupcake, or a newly baked cookie or even a chocolate can offer a treat to not only you but the germs living in your mouth too. Therefore, giving you a bad breath.

We are all aware of how strong smelling the Ammonia is. When proteins are processed in our body it produces the same smell. Yet, getting rid of a protein-rich diet is not the answer but controlling the consumption is.

Acidic Foods
Avoid foods that are inclined to enable the production of microorganisms that leads to bad smelling mouth. Examples are coffee, tomato, citrus, eggs, pickles, butter etc. ,doing so will not only benefit your breath but also your stomach from acidity.

Alcohol is one of the reasons why you dry off your mouth. Dry mouths have reduced amount of saliva comprising oxygen which is important for decreasing germs in your mouth.

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