Foods That Causes Sickness
Last Edited: August 12th, 2015
What you eat defines who you are. The duration of your life is determined by the food you eat, for the reason that it can be inclined to describe you and your health. It can either help you or destroy you. There undeniably are certain foods that can be possibly dangerous just as some can be really good for your health. Therefore, it is always practical to be conscious about such foods that can make you sick if appropriate care is not taken. Below is a list of 10 such foods that can possibly make you fall sick and followed with risk avoidance.

Green Leafy Vegetables 
The key ingredients of salads and sandwiches—leafy vegetables can be contaminated by dirt, polluted water washes, etc. The germs that feed on these vegetables stick to it and are hard to be noticed by the human eye. Therefore, constantly rinse these with warm water appropriately before using.

The salmonella bacteria want to live in eggs. It can trigger food poisoning or even typhoid if the eggs are not correctly cooked.

Uncooked meat has high attractions of holding bacteria that your immune system can’t fight away all the time. From this time, underdone meat should be a strict no-no.

Once more, potatoes, when used in salads, are in a slightly rare form and can be inclined to handover microorganisms such as shigella, e. coli, etc. into your body. Appropriate cooking and care is the key.

Cheese can be typically risky for pregnant women since cheese comprises bacteria like salmonella or listeria which can result in miscarriages. So while taking good care of your wife in her days of pregnancy, you should be well knowledgeable with the foods to be avoided.

Most ice-creams are prepared from unprocessed milk or raw eggs that are expected reason for the distribution of bacteria into ice-creams.

These are very vulnerable to bacteria. When set aside in water for days, sprouts turn out to be a home for countless microorganisms. The solution is to slightly cook these before eating to make sure your health safe.

Raw Milk 
Ever questioned why your mom always boils the milk after buying it in containers from outside? This procedure of heating unprocessed milk is very important because the heat kills the microorganisms already existing in unprocessed milk.

No matter how healthy it could be, a fish has a high absorption of mercury—a component that can cause damage to the central nervous system if consumed on regular basis.

Nuts, throughout the frying process, can occasionally guard the germs stopping it which can usually find their way into supermarkets. These commonly comprise salmonella that can result in food poisoning.

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