Foods that Brings Stress
Last Edited: October 7th, 2012
One word can only describe the contemporary lifestyle that individuals experiencing nowadays and that is “stressful”. 

Most of the health difficulties that people encounter seem to be related to stress. Today it has been recognized that our eating behaviors, specifically the type of food selection we choose, can critically impact the chances to continuously be stressed. Similar to foods that can relieve stress there are also identified foods that can certainly trigger stress.

1. Refined Sugar Foodstuffs
Food stuffs, typically bundled or fast food perks, stuffing a high application of refine sugar surround us all over the place. Anytime you want to get a fast bite, several form of sugared drink or baked item is simply obtainable. All these foods incline to bring an instant sensation of goodness. This is due to the immediate way in which refined sugar is absorbed—also termed a sugar spike. But, the spike is soon followed by a low or a crash where the sugar-induced goodness gradually wears-off, leaving your feeling low, prompting a feeling of being de-energized or annoyance. This in turn makes a craving for more sugar, generating a cruel cycle that plays mess with your mind and extremely raising your calorie intake. It is healthier to select naturally sweet foods like fruits, such as apples, mangoes and peaches that are healthier and equally sweet.

2. Wrapped Foods High in Preservatives
Packed foods, mainly the cooked variation, or those needing a larger degree of preservation comprise a very high amount of preservatives like MSG separately from sugar and other substance extracts. These mixtures are likely to to increase our blood pressure which in turn is a primary cause for feeling anxious and stressed.

3. Caffeine-spiked Foods
If you are a coffee buff, you must have sensed the increase in your mood you feel every time you sip from a cup full of coffee and the strong deprivation you feel without it. The cause for this is simple—Caffeine is a solid stimulant. Absolutely, it is natural and having it intermittently is good for your mental health, but being reliant on it means you are making yourself further exposed to stress every time you aren't holding a hot simmering cup in your hand.

4. Cholesterol-heavy Foods
Cholesterol is essentially one of the most necessary nutrients but an excess of it can turn as a main health deterrent, physically and mentally. Cholesterol in high quantity inclines to thicken the arteries that raises our blood pressure and encourages unwanted hormonal changes. Cholesterol-heavy foods like Potato Chips and French Fries induce a grander stress on our digestive system for digesting the fats, making it lose out on many vital nutrients that are necessary for the anti-stress biochemical, called neurotransmitters, to be produced and function correctly.

5. Foods Stuffing Excessive Proteins
The world look like preoccupied with eating tons of proteins. Though, what individuals don’t realize it is that if you are a diehard bodybuilder enthusiast, eating extreme proteins is not good for your psychological health. This is why—serotonin is the chief anti-stress hormone in our body. For transforming tryptophan into serotonin, we need vitamin B6. Still, when excessive protein is consumed, most of this vitamin is engaged for breaking proteins into amino acids. Certain amino acids (like phenylalanine) found in protein-rich foods hinders synthesis of serotonin. Thus, limit your consumption of eggs, protein shakes, fish and chicken if you are trying to increase your muscle mass.

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