Effects of Smartphone To Your Health
Last Edited: August 6th, 2015
Nowadays, being tech-person is more important than knowing the president of your country, it seems. Therefore, not having a smartphone is really distressing for most of us. Obviously, smartphones have made lives cooler, communication simpler and distances shorter, but as we’re aware of, lots of sugar kills the taste of the tea. Below are 10 reasons why you must pause on a smartphone at times.

Relationship Difficulties
Yes it does! Sitting with your partner and being busy on social media sites is absolutely not the indication of a good relationship. It is great time you take a break from your smartphone and look into their eyes and communicate with them directly instead of assessing their mood through their Facebook statuses.

Fitness at Your Fingertips
Evidently, a person would lose weight by downloading many health and fitness applications. Visualize the volume of stress your eyes, brains and fingers endure whenever you are trying to play games, watch movies or surf the internet. As an alternative, bond with Nature. Go for a walk, jog or swim and you'll realize losing weight will be an easy victory.

Challenging Mobile Phone Practice
It’s a term used to describe people with a Mobile Phone Obsession, whenever they hear their phones ringing or feel them vibrating even when they're not. Do you see yourself belong?

Depending On Technology
Its fine to maximize the use of technology, but then again too much use can be destructive too. It makes your head rather negligent and careless since, obviously, phone-o-pedia will never fail you.

Your Kids are Experts
Your childhood might be about reading 'Archies' and 'Tinkle', riding all over the place on a bicycle and racing your friends for kites. Studies today states the reason behind an unhealthy and a weak kid is because they have learnt to be couch potatoes and have a higher score on candy crush than you. You must teach your kid about balance by means of riding a bicycle and not by playing character in Temple Run.

Calls or Text While Walking/Driving
Truly, that upgrade may have been for easy living, however not when you are walking across the street, while driving, in a grocery, or paying your bills. You have to be generally liable and realize that you have no right to put anybody's life in danger because of you. And more, don't fail to recall that everybody hates waiting on the line.

That Mini Heart Attack 
Most of you must have had that mini heart attack when you supposed you have lost your phone and hysterically looked inside all your pockets and bags, and all over the place. That does sound somewhat terrifying, you need to calm down because it is just a phone.

All That Selfies and Camera
Wherever you might be, at a restaurant, concert or even just a walk in the street, and your instant reaction is to take a picture or selfie! And then you’re picking the best of filter to post it on all the social media sites so that the world knows what, how and where about you. And, rather than enjoying the actual moment, one decides on being distracted by pouting with the girls.

Life as You Tweet
You took pictures and you have to tag your friends and show everyone where exactly you are and with whom and what you’re doing. You’ll be famous because of your posts, or so you think! Smartphones resulted into totally no personal life and no personal moments. The whole thing is for everyone to know.

Disturbed Sex
Obviously, if you don’t take a moment to look into her eyes, or help her decide on what kind of clothes to wear for the weekend, then she will absolutely punish you. And that will be right when it is getting a little steamy and she wears the best lingerie and smells flawless, and then her phone rings and she goes over to the other room to chat with her friend about some bitchy woman in her office, leaving you all dried up. We hope you don’t even want imagine it.

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