Can Medication Discount Cards Help You?
Last Edited: April 2nd, 2012

There is no denying that the expense of prescription medications continues to rise. Even though there are plenty of generic forms for brand-name drugs that offer the same effects, but at a much reduced cost, paying for these no-name drugs can still put a dent in your wallet. Since prescription coverage on health insurance plans vary widely and are subject to a variety of restrictions and limits, there are a significant number of Americans who are forced to decide between paying for groceries and paying for their monthly prescriptions.

While this may sound like a grim reality, there is hope. Discount medication cards capture those holes where insurance coverage and reduced-cost generic create. Discount medication cards allow you to receive a percentage off (sometimes as high as 75 percent) on prescription drugs. Most discount medication cards are free to anyone and have no deductibles, no waiting periods, no pre-existing exclusions and offer immediate access.

In addition, they are good to use at thousands of chain pharmacies around the country.

But it is important that when selecting a discount medication card that you choose a reputable one and one that your pharmacy accepts. The good news is that as long as you are smart about where you select your medication card from, you have the opportunity to save hundreds of dollars on your prescription medications. Not only does this benefit your bottom line but your health as well.

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