Adjusting to Jet Lag Easily
Last Edited: October 5th, 2012
Jet lag is a state in which your body goes pear-shaped to adjust to a quick alteration in time zones. A common difficult for all regular fliers, jet lag can actually take a toll on the body.

Headaches, exhaustion, inflammation and unpredictable bowel movement are merely some of the several symptoms of jet lag. Read on to find more about many means to manage with jet lag.

1. Get ready First
Give your body certain time in progress to deal with the adjustment in time zone. This can be completed by shifting your everyday doings like sleeping and eating in accordance with the time zone of your journey's end. You might have to cook dinner at 3 in the morning for this, but it will be worth it.

2. Enough Sleep
Make sure you are not running on a sleep shortage schedule before you board the flight as sleep deficiency can promote exacerbate the jet lag. You can also choose for an overnight flight which will aid you sleep on the flight and land relaxed at the end.

3. Stay Hydrated
This may sound unimportant and simple, but staying hydrated helps your body cope with jet lag better. Also avoid dehydrating beverages like coffee and alcohol. Heavy foods should also be curtailed as they can limit you from sleeping soundly.

4. Workout
Get particular movement throughout the flight and upon landing. Remaining seated in the similar position for extended periods can root for exhaustion and muscle pain. You can move from one place to another, stand around for a bit or just stretch in your seat to keep your body keyed up. Avoid escalators and elevators and use stairs to give your body some workout.

5. Sunlight Exposure
Daylight shows an essential part in setting your body clock. The body needs sunlight to produce Vitamin D3, which is vital to stay conscious. Revealing yourself to sunlight will also aid you to keep your body energized.

6. Medications
There are definite pills which support counter the several symptoms of jet lag. These pills usually comprise of melatonin, which aids control the sleeping cycle of the body. But, these pills do not outfit everybody and may even alleviate the symptoms of jet lag.

7. Accessorize
Travel accessories like neck pillows, eye mask and noise cancelling earphones are simple supplies for a regular flier. These accessories allow you to give your body some rest anywhere and anytime.

8. Power Naps
Power naps are short periods of sleep which are lengthy enough to give your body some break but not long enough to root for drowsiness. These power naps can come in very handy throughout any long distance travel.

Jet lag is approximately unavoidable if you are roving from one time zone to another. While its indications can’t be removed totally, they can definitely be reduced by various simple steps and planning.

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