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Get headache release that's quicker than fast with Anacin. Whether your pounding headache is due to a late night out, excessive extra time at the office, or that dog that refuses to stop barking next door, Anacin relieves pain and inflammation associated with headaches by combining aspirin and caffeine together for the most effective headache relief when it counts most. Stop suffering or trying to tough it out. You deserve the relief that Anacin offers.

That’s where Anacin can help.

Anacin has two significant ingredients—aspirin and caffeine—to bring fast headache relief. Aspirin, which works to both release pain and lessen inflammation, has been trusted for approximately a century to treat headaches.

Caffeine, for the moment, balances and improves aspirin's pain relieving action. Together, aspirin and caffeine work to provide fast and effective headache relief when you need it most, giving you a better morning.

That's the Anacin advantage.

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